John Alex Taylor

In a bookshop window!

Book-ish Window

Apples in the Dark is now published in paperback by Troubador, and here it is, in the window of Book-ish Abergavenny branch. I’ll be signing copies there on 20th July from 1pm. Look out for news on my Facebook Author Page, John Alex Taylor – Author  Elsewhere in the UK, you can order Apples in […]

A taste of summer – and updated publication news

Apples in the Dark will be available in Ebook form in January 2024. The paperback with Louise Ryder’s gorgeous cover will now be published by Troubador in June. You will be able to order it from your local bookshop or from the Troubador website. Now, Apples in the Dark will be a SUMMER READ! Sitting […]

Truth, Fiction and Unexpected Shoes

Truth, Fiction and Unexpected Shoes. In Apples in the Dark, ten-year-old Alice is telling some truths about being the odd one out at school. These are not my memories, although I was bullied in my first junior school, and I was definitely different. This is fiction. I couldn’t tell Miss in class. Miss hated having […]

Fractured memories and fiction – digging deeper

From Apples in the Dark… A voice. ‘Shit, I haven’t done first aid in years. You’ll be okay. Please? Please, God?’ You? Me? WHO AM I? …? A pulse of rootless terror. Where? WHERE IS THIS? …? Another pulse. When? AM I GROWN-UP? …? And another.   Rachel is regaining consciousness after a prolonged epileptic […]


Choosing to publish myself. I have been writing for nineteen years, although the first five or six years were strictly a learning experience. Eleven years ago, a book of mine gained me an enthusiastic literary agent and interest from a number of commercial editors. I was bemused – I didn’t set out to write ‘commercial’ […]